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IUMA: The Miserables

The Miserables - A punk/rock band exsisting in upstate New York in the years between 1994-2000. Authoring 2 seven inch singles and a number of acetates on their own record label owned by A.Miserable and Ritchie Pills "Delta9". This band sometimes uses the psuedonym "The Invisibles"


Reviewer: - - June 4, 2014
Subject: This is great stuff
I really really enjoyed this music. I mostly find that the things you've never heard of are the most impressive, and it is certainly true in this case.
Reviewer: MorrisDorrisDay - - May 9, 2014
Subject: Albany New York ' s - Miserables
An excellent group whos diversity , and proficiency remains relevant yet venerable.
They promised "it's going to be Miserable" ,
in the end it is for us...


Aron Miserable
Theodore Guilty
Tim BritFire